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Fiji Blend was founded in 2004 by one of the industries leader, Terry Katz. Well known in the industry for close to 25 years, Mr. Katz has gained the respect of his peers and customers, and has made Fiji Blend a renowned brand recognized worldwide.

In June of 2010, Bruno Santerre, after more than 20 years in the industry, has acquired the Fiji Blend brand. Our goal is to continue to give our customers the best lotion and care that they have grown to expect from our company. Fiji Blend always has been dedicated to its customers.

While there are many choices in lotions, Fiji Blend aims for the highest level of quality and results, producing several specifically designed lotions to address your individual needs.

Our team of chemists is constantly pushing the creative envelope with cutting edge formulas. In addition, we are continuously doing research on the biological effects of UV light. By furthering our understanding of science and skincare, we ensure that our products are representatives of the current ‘’state of the art’’.

The commitment of Fiji Blend to help bring about an end to waterborne illness always made us the brand of choice for people with social consciousness. Each of our products contains a bit of Moringa, the tree of life, a powerful ingredient that helps bring the perfect tan, but mostly one of the most nutritious plants on the planet. Please, take a look at our commitment section to discover the ‘’Moringa Miracle’’.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Terry Katz for all of his hard work and dedication to making Fiji Blend what it is today and for the collaboration he has given us for a smooth transition.

From all of us at Fiji Blend, thank you for your trust and your commitment – we truly appreciate it.


Bruno Santerre

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